6 New LRP Kits to Make Ordering Easy

Just 4 more days to get your LRP in and qualify for the free product of the month! In case you missed it, this month's product is a 15ml bottle of Rosemary. Every LRP order of 125+pv,  processed before the 15th of the month, will receive this product FREE! 

And if that wasn't incentive enough, every LRP order of 200+pv will also receive a 15ml OnGuard, OnGuard Sanitizing Mist, OnGuard Toothpaste, and a 15ml Wild Orange completely FREE!

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I totally get that LRPs can be daunting - what should you order? Well, dōTerra is making it super easy to place your LRP order with 6 new LRP kits!

The following kits are contain preselected products to help with a specific area of yours and your family's health.

  • Athlete Care Kit - I love this kit for after exercising, but also if you're just prone to sore muscles and joint pain!
  • Calm and Harmony Kit - Perfect for those bad days or times when your littles need a little help calming down.
  • Digestion Kit - This kit is a one stop shop to good gut health. I cannot recommend this kit enough!
  • Immune Support Kit - I think this speaks for itself - no one likes getting sick. The items included in this kit are my go-to products for staying healthy throughout the year.
  • Relief & Revive Kit - This kit is perfect for all of life's little discomforts. Whether you sleep funny and hurt or your little one falls down - this kit is the way to go!
  • Seasonal Threats Kit - Kick those seasonal allergies to the curb with this kit. It's perfect for the whole family!

Plus, each of these kits will automatically qualify you for the free product of the month!

To order an LRP kit, login to your back office > start a new LRP order or modify one you already have set up > go to "Shop Products" > Collections > Loyalty Rewards Kits. Remember, to qualify for the free product of the month, you must process your order before the 15th.

Then, by adding 1-2 additional products, you can hit that 200pv mark and also receive the products I mentioned above, for free!

If you have any questions at all, leave them below. Or if you're ready to get started with oils, send me a message here - I can't wait to help you bring oils into your home!

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